Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Social Media Practices for the Construction Industry

Construction professionals and business owners are discovering how social media, including social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, blogs, and sites like YouTube, are viable tools to use to market their companies.
How can you use social media for your construction company?
Here are just a few ways:

  • For brand building to enhance reach and reputation

  • For networking and relationship-building - with potential clients, current clients, colleagues

  • For resource-sharing with clients

  • For outreach to and interaction with the public such as local residents affected by construction projects.

As you move forward with social media marketing, look for ways to integrate your efforts with the public relations and traditional and online marketing you are already putting forth.
Don't abandon the marketing efforts you are using that are still working. Look for ways to enhance those efforts with social media. Make sure you have prominent links to your main website on your social media channels and prominent links To your social media channels on your website.

  Here are a few other ways to use social media for your construction business:

  •   Monitor and listen to what the public is saying about your projects.

  •   Publish content that showcases your expertise and highlights your industry accomplishments.

  •   Pull in more direct feedback from the public in a more interactive way than using a website-based form.

  •   Ask questions and receive responses quickly to help you perform instant market research.

  •   Initiate and engage in conversations related to your work, your industry, and your greater community.

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