Tuesday, July 15, 2014

B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing has been one of the most successful marketing strategies for marketers and companies online in recent years.

There are some major social media communities and emerging social media communities that can help business to improve marketing strategies online. These social media networks help in providing b2b marketing solutions and generate quality marketing tips for new business online.
This article discusses using 6 top social media communities for b2b marketing best practices and an eye of b2b marketing data giving a glimpse of the power of these social media communities.

Top 6 social networks for B2B marketing solutions

Social Networks have changed the marketing strategies for businesses online with wide range of advantages and quality leads for their business. There are quite a few social networks that help in providing b2b marketing solutions. This article focuses on top 6 social networks that had a major impact on small business b2b marketing.


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Using Facebook for b2b Viral Marketing

Social Media is viral and if your business is successfully promoted in social media, you are very much successful in generating quality leads for your business online.
One of the major social media networks that have a huge impact on b2b marketing solutions is facebook. Given below are some of the b2b marketing best practices with facebook

Build your brand presence in facebook

If your brand presence in facebook is successful, you are likely to generate quality leads through facebook. Some of the best ways to generate b2b marketing leads through facebook is by bringing more visibility for your facebook page and generate quality leads using latest facebook apps.

Use Latest features of facebook for optimized lead generation

With the new facebook timeline, you can now share the latest updates regarding your business thus bringing more engagement for your facebook fans. Use the latest features such as pins and stars to bring more visibility for your lead generation pages.
Use the popular features such as open graph to know your visitors approach which is one of the key points for your b2b sales strategies.

Build your business community

It is important to build your own business community to stay ahead of your competitors. For this it is very much necessary to brand your facebook page and update it with the latest happenings. Use your page to provide useful information for your community.

Using Google+ for B2B Lead generation

Google+ is one of the popular social communities which are just started receiving popularity with Google indexing and prioritizing it in search results. Millions of users have already started using Google+
There is huge potential for B2b marketers to generate leads through Google+. Some of the best ways to use Google+ for business are
  • Use the feature of Hangout to create live stream of your business hangout. The latest feature allows up to nine people to hangout using the video function of Google+
  • Use Circles to share your content. It is very important to generate business specific content that is interested by users in your Google+. The best information that can be shared through your circles are virtual conferences, events, interviews and webinars which are very much useful for B2b marketers
  • More is your content in Google+, more is the visibility of your content is search engines especially Google+.

Using twitter for B2b Marketing

Twitter is another top social media community that helps in B2b Viral marketing. Given below are some of the ways b2b marketers can use twitter
  • Use B2b Marketing with your blogs and share your blog content in twitter. This increases visibility of your business in twitter.
  • Increase reach of your business in twitter by increasing your followers. As your business reach increases, more people know about your business which is one of the key B2b viral marketing strategy.
  • Another way of increasing reach and visibility is by asking your employees to tweet your business content. Sharing buttons for your B2b Marketing blogs and allowing your employees to share your business content brings more visibility for your business.

Using LinkedIn for B2b Marketing solutions

LinkedIn is one of the powerful social networks for b2b marketing solutions. As it is professional network, you have major chances for generating b2b marketing leads with LinkedIn.
Some of the best B2b marketing practices of using LinkedIn are
  • Index your B2b marketing blog in LinkedIn and share your latest contest in LinkedIn. This brings more approach for your business in LinkedIn.
  • Use Applications like Slideshare to share your business presentations in LinkedIn.
  • Create your own company page and share business updates through your status updates and group updates. You can also promote your business products through the products tab in LinkedIn. Show your creativity in generating impressive business promotion strategies through LinkedIn.
  • Another important feature of LinkedIn is email marketing, one of the important B2b Viral marketing strategies. Mail your LinkedIn members with email marketing feature of LinkedIn.

Using Pinterest for B2b marketing solutions

Pinterest is another powerful social network for generating B2b marketing leads for new business. Given below are some of the best ways to leverage your b2b marketing solution with Pinterest
  • One of the best ways to promote b2b marketing through Pinterest in developing quality boards and creating pins in suitable boards. This gives members flexibility to find useful information through boards.
  • New product offerings, services can be pinned through suitable boards which increase interest in readers to visit the boards and thereby generating leads.
  • Use Pin info graphics, data and charts to know more about your business reach and thereby optimizing your marketing strategies in Pinterest.
  • Share useful E-books and content information through your pins.

Using YouTube for B2b Marketing solutions

YouTube is one of the popular social media networks which can be used for quality B2b lead generation. Some of the ways of using YouTube for your b2b marketing are given below
  • Share your top level management and interviews in YouTube.
  • Share informative videos related to your business products, new launches and reviews of your business products in Youtube.
  • How to videos, product tours and optimized YouTube search are some of the ways to generate b2b marketing leads with YouTube.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Social Media Practices for the Construction Industry

Construction professionals and business owners are discovering how social media, including social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, blogs, and sites like YouTube, are viable tools to use to market their companies.
How can you use social media for your construction company?
Here are just a few ways:

  • For brand building to enhance reach and reputation

  • For networking and relationship-building - with potential clients, current clients, colleagues

  • For resource-sharing with clients

  • For outreach to and interaction with the public such as local residents affected by construction projects.

As you move forward with social media marketing, look for ways to integrate your efforts with the public relations and traditional and online marketing you are already putting forth.
Don't abandon the marketing efforts you are using that are still working. Look for ways to enhance those efforts with social media. Make sure you have prominent links to your main website on your social media channels and prominent links To your social media channels on your website.

  Here are a few other ways to use social media for your construction business:

  •   Monitor and listen to what the public is saying about your projects.

  •   Publish content that showcases your expertise and highlights your industry accomplishments.

  •   Pull in more direct feedback from the public in a more interactive way than using a website-based form.

  •   Ask questions and receive responses quickly to help you perform instant market research.

  •   Initiate and engage in conversations related to your work, your industry, and your greater community.